The world is undergoing a massive transformation. We are being called on to use our creative imaginations to reinvent ourselves and our world.

You’re a healer who has powerful gifts to share

You’re an artist who’s ready to be bolder

You’re a big-picture thinker dreaming of creating new realities 


Let’s imagine what else is possible together.

I’m a multimedia storyteller, shamanic sleuth.  art-magic maker, and disobedient Femme.

Each week I deliver twisted tales of transformation in the form of an ongoing serial mystery .

As a shaman sleuth, I investigate and ask questions about how we may heal and change our lives both individually and as a collective.

It’s a wild ride, a journey to the underworld in back, to discover clues and possible cures for what most ails us.

One thing is for sure: the true causes and the cure are never what we imagine.

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Healing is an art, a science, and also a mystery. Each week I bring tales of transformation in my ongoing investigation into the underlying causes of what ails us + interviews with healers who are changing the way we think, feel & heal.


I'm a writer interested in creating conversations about big ideas such as what kind of future we're creating with AI. I'm also a stand-up philosopher, and inveterate doodler.