Mar 14, 2022 • 17M

Your Divine Expansion with Katarina Supicic

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Suzanne LaGrande
Listen to storytellers, shamans, scientists, and energy healers talk about cutting edge developments in healing. Hear how how real people transform their lives and build our courage to do the same.
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Today on the Shaman’s Notebook my guest is Katarina Supicic, who is Energy Healer, Transformational Coach, and founder of Your Divine Expansion. Ms. Supicic discusses: How her work as a language translator prepared her work as a spiritual translator What Divine Expansion is and how Quantum Healing works Intention and how intentions are strengthened by doing energy work consistently Her work with Mayan Light languages For more about her work visit: http://YourDivineExpansion.Com (YourDivineExpansion.Com) or visit her on Facebook at: How do we heal and why do we get sick in the first place? Healing is a science, an art, an adventure and a mystery. Join me Fridays at the Healing Salon online 11-12PT. The first Friday of the Month I do a free workshop in Art Magic Making. Think doodling, vision boards, collages, magic spells. The second Friday of the month it’s an Energy Healing Spa with fabulous Jessie Starr, empathic intuitive, artist and spiritual teacher. The third Friday join embodiment and sexuality expert Grace J. Willow who does amazing energy healing workshops focused on healing and activating the chakras. The last Friday of the month, Areanne Lloyd does live trance channeling with a group of divine beings known as The Guides. Participants often have a chance to ask questions, and their advice is both practical and inspiring. For more information and for a link to join, write For more stories about healing, as well as cosmic gossip and other messages from the divine and interviews with cutting edge healers who are changing the way we think, feel and heal, subscribe and visit me at ( ★☆★ CONNECT WITH ME ★☆★ Website ➜ Podcast ➜ Facebook ➜ Instagram ➜ Pinterest ➜