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Bursting Forth

Sweet and encouraging cosmic energies now available for you

I am pausing in my twisted tale to bring you a brief report on the sweet and encouraging Cosmic energies available to you starting today on the full moon on June 14th.

Every month on the new and full moon I suss out the cosmic energies and come up with a theme which I summaries the energies of the moon at this time and then I make Art Magic.

Here is a brief summary of the energies that are available to us starting on the Full Moon on June 14, 2022. The theme of these full moon is Bursting Forth.

Check out Art Magic here. Positive affirmations woven into a single image, or sigil to help you make fabulous use of these energies, combined with an energy healing, made with the light of the moon. It's a kind of spell that keeps on working.

The Shaman's Notebook
The Shaman's Notebook
Suzanne LaGrande